What To Expect

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do you meet?  and what about parking?

In the fall of 2010 we began renting a traditional church building that was formerly used by the First Baptist Church in West Bend.  The building is located on the corner of Butternut St and Sandra Ln at 224 Butternut St in the city of West Bend.  We meet on Sunday, every week at 9:30am.  There is street parking available on Butternut or a parking lot in the rear of the church off Sandra Lane.  The kids “check-in” for kids under school age is on the lower level, so families with kids are encouraged to park on the lower level for convenience.

Do you have children’s programs?

Yes, we have 3 different age levels for kid’s nursery and children’s church.  The first group is nursery age children upto 3 years old.  The second is for 3-5 year olds and consists of age appropriate teaching and crafts.  The third group is for school age children kindergarten through 6th grade.  The children in the two younger classes are checked-in with the volunteers before service and the K-6 graders remain in the service until after the music worship.  Since we have many young families, all of these groups are full of energetic and fun kids!

Each of the classes is lead by responsible volunteers that work together to teach the children about God and how to respond to the truth of God.  It is our aim to assist parents in helping their children to know and love the Lord.

What does a typical Sunday service look like?

Although we have deviated from our typical schedule from time to time, the main components of a Sunday morning are musical worship to the Lord and biblical preaching of the Word of God.  The music is contemporary and the preaching is in-depth!  We also use Sunday morning as a time to communicate to the fellowship the going ons of the church and plan a short time for us to meet and greet one another.

What should I wear on Sunday mornings?

Sunday morning gatherings are very casual and we ask that you come as you are.  We have regular attenders that come in jeans and t-shirt and others that like to “dress up” as a family.

Small Groups

What are small groups?

Although Sunday morning gathering, preaching, and worship are valuable components of the church life, they are inadequate to fulfill all the needs of the church.  In order to support each other in following Christ, we gather in homes weekly in smaller groups throughout West Bend and surrounding areas.

What is the purpose of small groups?

In small groups, each of the members begins to form relationships with each other as we learn about each others hopes, struggles, and dreams.  As we grow together in these groups, it gives an opportunity for each church member to be cared for spiritually (prayed for, taught) and to be encouraged to grow in obedience to Christ.  Our goal is to see each member growing in their relationship with God and with others.

What does a typical small group look like?

There is no set small group “program”, but most times the small groups will consist of prayer, fellowship, and bible teaching.  Family and community would be two words that we would hope describe our smaller gatherings.


Bend City Church is a Christian, evangelical, non-denominational church that meets in the city of West Bend.
Our mission is to make disciples that live for the glory of God, enjoying Him completely.