Welcome to the website of Bend City Church,

Thank you for visiting our website and checking out Bend City Church! We invite you to join us at one of our gatherings on Sunday morning, small group nights, or special events.  Bend City Church is a small but growing fellowship that was formed in 2010 as a small group of Christians began meeting in a living room.

The most common question that is probably asked about any church is “What are you about?”  Although this can not be answered easily in one or two paragraphs there are a few values that we aim to be about as a community:

Honoring Jesus.

This church exists because Jesus exists.  All we do revolves around the God-man Jesus Christ.

Following His Word.

God Himself has given us His word in order to know Him, love Him, and to properly respond to who He is.  Although there are many great books written to encourage people to know and serve God, the Bible is in a class of its own.  All other books and teachings must be judged by God’s Word.

Changed by His Spirit.

Jesus promised that when He left the earth He would send the Holy Spirit to be with all who believe and trust in Jesus.  The Holy Spirit is given to us to lead and guide us as we live on earth.  As the church gathers, we aim to be led by Jesus’ Spirit within us.

If you have any questions that you do not find answered on this website, please feel free to call or email one of us.  You can find our contact info on the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Hope to see you soon!

Scott Schampers and Shane Pionkowski

Bend City Church is a Christian, evangelical, non-denominational church that meets in the city of West Bend.
Our mission is to make disciples that live for the glory of God, enjoying Him completely.