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Recently, I was asked if Bend City teaches that home schooling is the best way to educate your kids?  Short answer:  No.  In fact, we don’t teach any particular venue is the BEST venue to educate your kids.

My wife and I have, in fact, chosen to home school our kids for now, so I definitely see the benefits….and definitely know the challenges.  Since parenting is the most difficult thing I’ve done and I’ve heard other parents agree, I know that no matter what method one choses, IT WILL BE A CHALLENGE.  A challenge that should have us seeking God every step of the way.  For a great explanation of why we don’t see this issue as “closed-handed” (meaning that it has a clear right answer), please watch this:

For more reading on the issue here are perspectives on the 3 options that were recently posted on the Gospel Coalition website:

Home school

Private school

Public school

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