Our History

Bend City’s journey started in January 2010 when Scott and Sarah Schampers and Shane and Jackie Pionkowksi began praying and fasting about planting a church in the city of West Bend. They had been meeting with a small group of Christians in a living room to study the Word and pray together. Soon the Lord confirmed to both Scott and Shane that they were indeed to plant a church, and many of those that they had been meeting with became the core team of what would become known as Bend City Church.

The group that they were meeting with continued to grow and by June it was obvious that the small group had outgrown the home that they were meeting in. So, they multiplied into two mid-week small groups and looked for a place where they could all meet on a weekly basis. The Hampton Inn became the first Sunday morning gathering place. With one room for the adults to meet in and one that served as a makeshift nursery, it was just enough for the entire group.

After praying for a more ideal place to meet, the Lord graciously provided an old church building at 224 Butternut St to rent. Bend City Church officially launched in October 2010 and they haven’t looked back. The leadership of Bend City Church believes that it is the Lord’s will to use the local church to make disciples for His glory, and they consider it a privilege to be serving along side of the other faithful fellowships in the city of West Bend.

Bend City Church is a Christian, evangelical, non-denominational church that meets in the city of West Bend.
Our mission is to make disciples that live for the glory of God, enjoying Him completely.