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Hey guys,

My Bible reading plan has me reading through both Amos and Revelation at the same time.  These books of the Bible are no joke about a God who is no joke.  Both books prophecy the harsh destruction of the ungodly, and both books are at times hard to read.

As I was reading I began to wonder how many people want to view God with one eye closed.  They embrace the kindness of God, but not the severity.  They love grace, but neglect godliness.

I encourage you to begin to view God with both eyes wide open.  View God as God has presented Himself in the Bible.  Take in both the harsh and the gentle.  Embrace everything scripture reveals about the One who made us.  At times it will be hard to synthesize the two apparently opposing displays of God, but work through it, wrestle through it.  In the end it will help build a depth and paint a more accurate picture of who God actually is.

As one person said, “God created us in His image and we are ever prone to return the favor”.  Without embracing all that the Scriptures say about God we are prone to make up a god in our mind that strangely resembles us.

Scriptural depth is much like our own depth perception.  By seeing with the perspectives that two eyes simultaneously give us we see depth and we see more clearly.  And by embracing both the kindness and the severity; the grace and the godliness we will know God more fully.

God bless,


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