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January 2014
January 27, 2014

Fasting- What is it?

Fasting- What is it?

During the month of February, we are calling the church to fast one day a week for the month of February.  As we have done the last few years, we are calling the church to fast for 4 Wednesdays in the month of February starting February 5th.   Many people have never heard of the idea of fasting much less taken part.  With that said, here is some background on what fasting is and how it can be used to draw closer to God:

Fasting- What is It?

Fasting is the abstaining of some good thing (most often food and/or drink) for a time period in order to devote oneself to God.  Fasting is often combined with times of prayer as a way to devote oneself to God.


Fasting – In the Bible In the Old Testament, fasting was often done as a group of people realized they needed to seek God’s will for their life or the lives of their community.  Since most of the Old Testament centers around the relationship of the nation of Israel and God, ... Continue Reading.

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