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March 2012
March 20, 2012

Until I…..

Often times it is difficult to see God’s plan in life because we get focused on the short term without seeing the entire picture.  How often have we been frustrated by evil seemingly “winning” over good?  It can be easy to see someone not following God’s commands and not reaping the consequences and assume God is not active in the world.  Our logic can begin to undermine our faith that God rewards the good done, even if small, and holds those that do evil to account.  The truth is we are often very short sighted.  If we focus on immediate judgement, we ourselves can then fall into envy of those that do evil when we see that evil unpunished.

The psalmist Asaph felt this common pull.  His experience with this tendency to envy evildoers is recorded in Psalm 73:

1Truly God is good to Israel, to those who are pure in heart. 2 But as for me, my feet had almost stumbled, my steps had nearly slipped. 3 For I was envious of the arrogant when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.

4 For they have ... Continue Reading.

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